60 GHz low-loss branch-line hydrid coupler on nanoporous alumina interposer


This paper presents the design, fabrication and characterization of a low loss branch-line hybrid coupler that operates at 60 GHz. The coupler is fabricated using the Metallic-nanowire-filled-Membrane platform, where the nanoporous alumina substrate is selectively filled with metal, forming nanowires that interconnect the metallic layers, using a simple fabrication procedure. The couplers presented return loss and isolation better than 10 dB for a 20-GHz bandwidth and a maximum power unbalance of 0.4 dB for a 10-GHz bandwidth.

VERONA, Bruno Marinaro; ROCHA, Gabriel K.; SERRANO, Ariana L.C.; REHDER, Gustavo P. 60 GHz low-loss branch-line hydrid coupler on nanoporous alumina interposer. In: INTERNATIONAL MICROWAVE AND OPTOELECTRONICS CONFERENCE, SBMO/IEEE MTT-S, 2019, Aveiro, Portugal. Proceedings… 3 p.

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