3-D LTCC microfluidic device as a tool for studying nanoprecipitation


Nanoparticles have been used to improve the properties of many cosmetic products, mainly the sunscreens materials using nanoencapsulation or nanosuspensions, improving the contact with active molecules, enhancing the sun protection effect and facilitate the formulation in industrial products. Microfluidic devices offer an important possibility to produce nanoparticles in a simple way, in one step bottom up technique, in a continuum process with low polidispersivity, low consumption of reagents and additives. In this work, we microfabricated a 3-D LTCC microfluidic device to study the nanoprecipitation of Benzophenone-3, used as a sunscreen in pharmaceutical products. It was observed some parameters influence on the particle size such as total fluid flow on device, the ratio between phases, the Benzophenone-3 initial concentration. It was tested also the influence of applied voltages on particle sizes. The high voltage was applied in a Kovar tube inserted in the 3Ddevice. The use of microfluidic device resulted in particles with 100 up to 800 nm of size, with polispersivity index below 0.3 and offers an interesting way to obtain nanoparticles. These studies are still in development but indicate the possibility to obtain B-3 nanostructured.

SCHIANTI, Juliana de Novais; CERIZE, Natália Neto Pereira; OLIVEIRA, Adriano Marim de; DERENZO, Silas; GÓNGORA-RUBIO, Mario Ricardo . 3-D LTCC microfluidic device as a tool for studying nanoprecipitation. In: IBERO-AMERICAN CONGRESS ON SENSORS, IBERSENSOR, 8., 2012, San Juan, Purto Rico. Proceedings… 5p.

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SCHIANTI, Juliana de Novais, CERIZE, Natalia Neto de Pereira; DERENZO, Silas; GÓNGORA-RUBIO, Mario Ricardo.3-D LTCC microfluidic device as a tool for studying nanoprecipitation. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, v.421, p.1-5, 2013.

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