Combination in situ measurements (densitune) and indirect measurements (acoustics) for determining the fluid mud layer


The Port Santos is one the largest in Latin America, with frequent dredging and presence of fluid mud layer. There is still little knowledge about the behavior of mud in estuaries, navigation channels and port areas. Thus, identification characterization and mapping of these deposits are important for navigation and management of sediments. In this study, measurements were taken with acoustics and seismic equipment (Dual frequency echo sounder, Chirp, Boomer and Sidescan Sonar), but these indirect methods do not determining the characteristics of these deposits to the navigability, being necessary in situ observations by direct methods and samples for laboratory tests. Based on this concept, the aim of this study is the identify the dynamics of fluid mud inside the Porto de Santos channel (SP) and compares in situ measurements with seismic equipments and laboratory tests. In situ measurements consisted on the determination of density (Densitune), water level and local hydrodynamics in four transects along the canal (spatial variability) and one transect along the tidal cycle (temporal variability). Laboratory tests consists in relate density with other parameters such as shear stress, viscosity and grain size. The study was undertaken in order to assist in the planning of dredging activities and the analysis and identification of areas with fluid mud for management of sediments.

CARNEIRO, J.C.; SOUZA, Luiz Antonio Pereira de; GALLO, M.N.; VINZÓN, S.B. Combination in situ measurements (densitune) and indirect measurements (acoustics) for determining the fluid mud layer. In: RIO ACOUSTIC, 2015, IEEE/OES ACOUSTICS IN UNDERWATER GEOSCIENCES SYMPOSIUM, 2015, Rio de Janeiro. Proceedings… 4 p.

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