Development of a neonatal lung simulator with variable compliance


A set of test scenarios is required to conduct a bench evaluation of lung ventilators during volume and pressure control ventilation. In general, test lung simulators that mimic fixed values of lung resistance and compliance are employed along with specific ventilatory settings in these test scenarios. Different values of resistance and compliance are necessary to emulate patients ranging from an adult to a neonate. However, it is difficult to find on the market lung simulators mimicking neonatal values of static compliance and low tidal volume, in specific values of 0.5 mL/hPa and 5 mL volume. This compliance value is required to assess lung ventilators under a control test setup of volume and pressure neonatal ventilation prescribed by the standard NBR ISO IEC 80601-2-12:2014. To cope with this particular limitation, a low-cost device was developed and characterized at the Institute of Technological Research (IPT). The developed device was able to reach values of compliance of 0.5 mL/hPa for volumes of 4, 5, and 6 mL, with a 10% acceptable tolerance, as required by the ISO standard. Thus the proposed lung simulator enables the assessment of lung ventilators under the neonatal test scenarios required by the ISO standard.

MELLO, Sara Gomes; LINO-ALVARADO, Alembert Eistein; VALÉRIO, G.D.; ESTEVAM, C.A.; DIAS, M.S.; BARROS, K.N.; FERREIRA JUNIOR, Antonio Francisco Gentil; MORIYA, H.T. Development of a neonatal lung simulator with variable compliance. In: CONGRESSO LATINO-AMERICANO DE ENGENHARIA BIOMÉDICA, 9.; CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE ENGENHARIA DE ENGENHARIA BIOMÉDICA, 28., 2022, on-line. Anais… 4 p.

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