Evaluation of the influence of a campaign to encourage the reduction of water comsuption


Actions aimed at consumer awareness of water are part of the strategies adopted to ensure water availability. This research aimed to examine the influence of a campaign to encourage water consumption reduction, performed with a group of condominiums in the city of São Paulo. Drew up a proposal for a data processing involving descriptive statistics, models for time series forecasting (forecasting), from the values of water consumption obtained during the pre-campaign projection of trends in consumption period and compared with the results effectively measured. We also considered the influence of temperature variation in consumption during the same time period analyzed using inferential statistics (correlation and regression). A group of condos that did not participate in the campaign was adopted as control. It was found that the campaign had no significant effect on reducing water consumption and also no correlation between water consumption and temperature variations in the analyzed period. Highlights the need for a longer period of time to evaluate post campaign trends of water consumption and the influence on reducing consumption. However, this type of campaign promotes awareness and mobilization of the population in relation tothe theme.

SILVA, Daniela Lima; TEIXEIRA, Cláudia Echevenguá. Avaliação da influência de uma campanha de incentivo à redução de consumo de água. In: ENCONTRO INTERNACIONAL SOBRE GESTÃO EMPRESARIAL E MEIO AMBIENTE, 16., 2014, São Paulo. Anais… 16 p.

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