Real driving and bench emission from EURO VI Engine using different blends of renewables and diesel fuel


In January/2022, came into force in Brazil the PROCONVE P8 emission limits, equivalent to EURO VI, that includes Real Driving Emissions (RDE) and new engine test cycles for heavy-duty vehicles emission homologation. There are not many articles showing emission results of EURO VI engines using high content of renewable fuels. For engines until phase EURO V, some publications state that an increase of FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) content in commercial diesel could reduce PM (Particulate Matter) emissions, contributing to air quality improvement. On the other hand, there are works indicating that NOx emission increases with the use of FAME. This paper shows RDE results of a EURO VI truck and bench emission results of a EURO VI engine, using different fuel blends of FAME, HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) and Brazilian S10 diesel, without considering fuel effects on the durability of the aftertreatment systems. A European B7 emission homologation fuel was used as reference fuel. Results showed no statistical difference for PM and the other regulated pollutants, suggesting that for the EURO VI vehicle and engine tested, the emissions are more influenced by the engine and aftertreatment system technology than the fuel/biofuel blends.

MACHADO, Guilherme Bastos; GOMES, Heleneia Oliveira; MOREIRA, Tadeu Cavalcante Cordeiro; WEISS, James Manoel Guimarães; TRIELLI, Maurício Assumpção; PEREIRA, Bruno Silva. Real driving and bench emission from EURO VI Engine using different blends of renewables and diesel fuel. In: SIMPÓSIO INTERNACIONAL DE ENGENHARIA AUTOMOTIVA, 29., 2022, São Paulo. Anais… São Paulo: SIMEA 2022. 

Document protected with a password, ask the Customer Service/Library – DAIT/IPT. Log in to BiblioInfo, DAIT/IPT Library to access the article in PDF:

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