Ensaios de coluna ressonante em caulim Speswhite


The evaluation of the dynamic parameters of kaolin Speswhite is part of a project financed by CENPES-PETROBRAS in cooperation with COPPE-UFRJ aiming to study the influence of seismic loads on the instability of submarine slopes, which occur in several continental margins of Brazil and in the world. The submarine slopes are located mainly on the margins of continental shelves, with generally low slopes, between 1 and 8 degrees, mostly around 5 degrees. Earthquakes, even of low intensities, have been recognized as a potential threat in the instability of underwater slopes. Such landslides involve large volumes of mass that reach high speeds, posing high risks to offshore structures and installations. The main objective of this work is the characterization of the dynamic properties of Speswhite kaolin through tests of resonant column, aiming to obtain characteristic curves of shear module degradation (G / Gmax) and the damping ratio (D).

FERNANDES, Filipe C.; TARAZONA, Samuel Felipe M.; ALMEIDA, Marcio S.S. de; BARROS, José Maria de Camargo. Ensaios de coluna ressonante em caulim Speswhite. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE MECÂNICA DOS SOLOS E ENGENHARIA GEOTÉCNICA, 20., 2022, Campinas. Anais… 8 p.

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