The dosage of carbonate material in relation to metakaolin in cement CP II-Z


In recent years, research has sought to increase the use of mineral additions in Portland cement to reduce the amount of clinker and enable the reduction of atmospheric emissions that originate from its production. In this context, this article presents data from a master’s thesis research that evaluated CP II-Z special cements dosed with different major amounts of carbonate material in relation to metakaolin and compared them with mechanical strength results in mortars. The results indicated that it is possible to dose CP II-Z with a majority proportion of carbonate material in relation to metakaolin, as the results of compressive strength remained within the limits mentioned by the current standard.

LIMA, Sérgio Soares de; QUARCIONI, Valdecir Angelo. A dosagem de material carbonático em relação ao metacaulim em cimento CP II-Z. Revista IPT, Tecnologia e Inovação, v.6, n.20, p.59-68, set., 2022.

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