A 3D bi-phase SPH approach for problems with bubbles rising and merging


Phenomena involved with bubble and droplet flow play a significant role in numerous applications, e.g., mixing, separation, selection, and cooling. An alternative to the bi-phases droplets/bubbles flow simulation is to employ the Navier-Stokes equations in a Lagrangian formalism using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method and the Continuum Surface Force method (CSF). SPH and CSF are successful mesh-free methodologies for surface tension force in multi-fluid flow problems. The simulator proposed was implemented for bi-phase fluid in droplet rising problems for a moderate Reynolds number (Re = 35) with different surface tension coefficients using to evaluate the Eötvös number (10 < Eo < 250). Thus, this proposal is a 3D model focused on the rising bubble and the coalescing droplets and their effects on morphologies, displacement, and velocity changes. Finally, the obtained results demonstrated good numerical stability. Thus, the SPH approach is an alternative for modeling different bubble morphologies interactions, such as oblate ellipsoidal, ellipsoidal cap, and dimpled ellipsoidal regimes.

PATIÑO-NARIÑO, Edgar Andres; GALVIS, Andres F.; PAVANELLO, Renato; GONGORA-RUBIO, Mario Ricardo. A 3D bi-phase SPH approach for problems with bubbles rising and merging. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE FLUIDODINÂMICA COMPUTACIONAL, 3., 2022, Campinas. Anais… 4p.

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