Multidisciplinary approach to indicate problems of health and life quality of the Caiçara Comunity Ilha Diana


The present’s article shows part of the development and results of the social project promoted by the Support Foundation to the Institute of Technological Research (FIPT). The project was developed together with two junior companies, IO Jr (Oceanographic Institute – University of São Paulo) and IMar Jr (Instituto do Mar – Federal University of São Paulo). The Ilha Diana community is located in a portion of the Estuarine System of Santos where is located the largest port in Latin America: Santos Harbor. In order to perform an innovative analysis to identify the threats to health and quality of life to which the community population is exposed, the methodology developed had a multidisciplinary approach based on the evaluation of environmental and social parameters. The environmental parameters were composed by soil samples, organisms, marine sediment and water from the Diana River. The social parameters were composed by information provide from the Health, Education, Infrastructure, Economic-Financial, Sanitation, Sense of Belonging, Transportation and Communication of the community. Data integration was performed using Fuzzy logic. The results of environmental analyses indicated the constant need for monitoring these and aggregate risks, requiring the maintenance of systematic and lasting environmental studies, as well as the promotion of environmental education for residents community. From the social parameters evaluated it was possible to realize that the main threat to the quality of life of the population in relation to health is the lack of basic sanitation.

DEMARCO, Larissa Felicidade Werkhauser; TAKASE, Leonardo Silveira; BLANCO, Marcos Jorgino; JOÃO SOBRINHO, Luiza de Araujo. Abordagem multidisciplinar para indicar as prováveis ameaças à saúde e à qualidade de vida da comunidade Caiçara Ilha Diana. Revista Brasileira de Geografia Médica e da Saúde, v.15, n.34, p.62-84, dez., 2019.

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