Bio-oil of solid residues obtained via pyrolysis: analysis of physico-chemical parameters


The work is based on the pyrolysis process for the final disposal of solid waste, with the use of its
liquid product for energy purposes. Physical-chemical tests were carried out to evaluate the bio-oil
properties. The average mass of the samples was 0.9436 g · cm-3, kinematic viscosity of 1.34 mm2 · s -1 ,0.20% m/m sulfur, calorific value of 40.4 MJ · kg-1 and hydrogen content of 7.9% m/m.

GARCIA, Adriana; MENDONÇA, Marcelo Aparecido. Bio-óleo de resíduos sólidos obtidos via pirólise: análise dos parâmetros físico-químicos. BASR, Brazilian Applied Science Review, v.2, n.5, p.1632-1635, 2018.

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