Prepreg aging effects on its properties curing process and final composite behavior characterized by dynamic mechanical analysis


Prepregs used in composite manufacturing are subjected to cure advancement due to their exposition to processing environment conditions. Even though some studies have focused on characterizing prepreg aging and its consequences, there is still field for developing unconventional uses for some conventional techniques, such as dynamic mechanical analysis, to achieve the same goal. This study presents the full characterization of the prepreg aging, the curing process and the short- and long-term mechanical behavior at high temperature of the composite, this latter being the most innovative contribution of this paper. Dynamic mechanical analyses were performed in prepreg and composite specimens, to which a master curve was constructed based on the Williams–Landel–Ferry model. Results point to the use of dynamic mechanical analysis as a single technique for characterizing the prepreg and the composite and to the possibility of extending the prepreg out-time, leading to waste reduction by means of quality control.

RAPONI, Olivia de Andrade; BALDO JUNIOR, José Everardo;LEITE, Paloma de Souza; ANCELOTTI JUNIOR, Antonio Carlos; GUIMARÃES, Alessandro. Prepreg aging effects on its properties, curing process and final composite behavior characterized by dynamic mechanical analysis. Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, may, 2019.

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