Magnetite nanoparticles encapsulated with PCL and poloxamer by nano spray drying technique


Magnetite nanoparticles were synthesized by coprecipitation method and encapsulated with Polycaprolactone and Poloxamer 188 polymers by Nano Spray Drying technique. The particles were characterized by X-Ray Diffraction, Infrared Spectroscopy, Dynamic Light Scattering, Thermogravimetric Analysis and magnetization in matters of temperature and external magnetic field. The results indicated that the diameter of magnetite nanoparticles is about 49 nm and of mostly of the encapsulated nanoparticles is 600 nm, with the presence of 3,1 % of magnetite. Neither of the particles are superparamagnetic at 300 K, although their coercivity is quite small.

PERECIN, C. J.; YOSHIOKA, S. A. ; CHITTA, V. A. ; GRATENS, X. P. M. ; CERIZE, N. N. P. ; OLIVEIRA, A. M. de . Magnetite nanoparticles encapculated with PCL and poloxamer by nano spray drying technique. In: BRAZIL MRS MEETING, 14., 2015, Rio de Janeiro. Proceedings…. 4 p.

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