Sustainable IPT: strategies of a waste management program in a Brazilian public research institute


Together with universities, research institutes represent important sources of scientific knowledge and innovation with the objective of promoting economic and social development and improving the population’s quality of life. Both have very similar dynamics, including the generation and management of solid waste. However, little has been studied about waste management in non-university research institutes, which present themselves as major generators of various types of waste. In Brazil, the state of São Paulo is responsible for almost half of the country’s scientific production, containing the largest network of non-university research centers recognized as national references. Among them is the Institute for Technological Research (IPT), a state-owned research company with 120 years of operation. The objective of this paper is to present the waste management strategies that are currently being proposed and implemented in IPT as part of the “Sustainable IPT” Program, aiming to reduce costs, generate revenue and establish the institute as a model for the development of sustainable waste management practices in research institutes in Brazil. The assumptions considered as objectives of the system were the reduction of waste generation and the recycling and treatment, resulting in the reduction of costs and generation of products and/or revenues. It has been shown that, in addition to the pursuit of sustainability goals, the changes in waste management result in resource savings and revenue generation for the institution, which can be applied to internal improvements that benefit the entire community involved.

GUIMARÃES, Camila Camolesi; OLIVEIRA, Taciana Freire de; TEIXEIRA, Cláudia Echevenguá; MANÉO, Fernanda Peixoto. Sustainable IPT: strategies of a waste management program in a Brazilian public research institute. In: INTERNATIONAL WASTE MANAGEMENT AND LANDFILLS SYMPOSIUM, SARDINIA 2019, 17., 2019, Forte Village, Santa Margherita di Pula, Italy. Proceedings… 10 p.

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