From invasive tree to raw material: a research on the potential use of lucena wood for product design[pdf]


This paper presents the results of a research that studied the potential of using wood obtained from urban trees pruning and removal and tried to understand how the design field can contribute to the development of the sustainable management in ur ban environments, pointing promising opportunities observed through the case study of trees individuals from the invasive species Leucaena leucocephala, found in the University of Sao Paulo s Armando Sales de Oliveira campus The work implied an analysis o f the pruning and disposal system of this kind of residue at the site, as well as the existing infrastructure used by the graduation courses in design and architecture; study on urban wood valuation systems and on the characteristics of the species under i nvestigation; physical and mechanical tests and experiments with collected branches. It was found that the material could be used in academic activities, reducing its disposal and supplying part of the existing local demand.

BARTHOLOMEU, Clara de Souza; SOUSA, Cyntia Santos Malaguti de; BRAZOLIN, Sérgio. De arvore invasora à matéria-prima: pesquisa sobre o potencial de uso da leucina para o design de produtos. Estudos em Design, v.28, n.2, p.155-169, 2020. (on line)

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