Cartografia geotécnica, plano diretor e prevenção de desastres


The article deals with the geotechnical mapping and its contribution in the occupation proper soil avoiding urban occupation of risk areas and other problems resulting from improper land us. This Provisional Measure 547, issued on 11/10/2011 and on the the Draft Law 2440/11 which determines the adequacy of the Master Plan for Geotechnical Charter. Presents the case of São Paulo and the process of generation and utilization of geotechnical Charter in São Paulo and the application to the Zoning Use and Land cover

BITAR, Omar Yazbek; FREITAS, Carlos Geraldo Luz de; SEPE, Patrícia Marra. Cartografia geotécnica, plano diretor e prevenção de desastres. Téchne, v.20, n.180, p.68-74, mar., 2012.

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