Brazilian scenario of production and use of densified biomass


Brazil is a major biomass producer whose production is expected to reach 1 Gt by 2030. Nevertheless, the biomass wastes produced in agroindustrial activities are still underused, commonly being left to natural decomposition in the field which represents an important environmental passive. In this context, biomasses produced in Brazil must be assessed concerning their potential use as an energy source. This work addresses a compilation of information related to the Brazilian scenario on the generation of agroindustrial wastes and their use as well as a picture of the today’s market of densified biomass in Brazil.

MORAES, Sandra Lúcia de; MASSOLA, Camila Peres; SACCOCCIO, Eduardo Maziero; SILVA, Dafne Pereira da; TUKOFF-GUIMARÃES, Yuri Basile. Cenário de geração e uso de biomassa adensada. Revista IPT: Tecnologia e inovação, v.1, n.4, p. 58-73, abr., 2017.

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