Evaluation of the wood CCA preservative treatment process of eucaliptus (eucaliptus ssp) by X-ray fluorescence technique


Brazil produces around 1,2 mi m³ of treated wood to meet the annual demand of railway, electric, rural and construction sectors. The treated woods used for poles, sleepers, fence posts andplywoods should be according to Brazilian normsrequirements.The most used wood species are eucalyptus (Eucaliptus ssp)and pine (Pinus ssp). The most wood preservative productsused in Brazil are CCA (chromated copper arsenate) and CCB (copper chromium and boron salt). Theanalytical methods, such as Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (FAAS) and Plasma Inductively Coupled Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICPOES) have beenused for the evaluation of those treatment processes. In this work, the sapwood sample was obtained from eucalyptus trees (Eucaliptus ssp)obtained fromMinas GeraisState, Brazil,cut plantation areas.Sawdust sapwoodsamplewasgrounded andsubmitted to different additions of CCA solutions (0.2, 0.7, 1.3, 2.3, 3.6, 6.3, 11.7and17.9 kg m-³).Powerandpressed pellets sapwood samples, analyzed by EDXRFS,showed a good linear relation (r2>0.99) between the characteristic intensity fluorescent lines (CuKα, CrKand AsKß)and their concentration, also,showed adequatesensitivity(LQ < 5mgkg-1)for Cu, Cr and As determination in treated woods.Cu, Cr and As were determined in powdered sawdust samplesby FAA spectrometry, usingthe AWPA A11-93 standard method; the relation between the CCA retention and their concentration showed a lowerlinear relation than EDXRFS; the FAAS spreadingresult could be attributed to laboratorial CCA addition process.

PEREIRA Jr., Sergio M.; SALVADOR, Vera L. R.; SATO, Ivone M. Evaluation of the wood CCA preservative treatment process of eucaliptus (eucaliptus ssp) by X-ray fluorescence technique. In: INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR ATLANTIC CONFERENCE; MEETING ON NUCLEAR APPLICATIONS, 11.; MEETING ON REACTOR PHYSICS AND THERMAL HYDRAULICS, 18.; MEETING ON NUCLEAR INDUSTRY, 3., 2013, RECIFE. Proceedings… São Paulo: ABEN, 2013.

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