Didymium obtainment from rare earth oxides produced in Araxá, Brazil


Metallic Didymium was obtained at the São Paulo Institute for Technological Research (IPT), from didymium oxide, which was produced by solvent extraction of rare earth oxides processed from a rare earth concentrate produced by Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineração – CBMM – from its niobium mine. Two routes were investigated, metallothermic and electrochemical reduction, both in molten salts. Both routes allowed didymium obtainment with 99% minimum purity, but the metallothermic route needs an additional processing step to remove the excess of reducing agent.

FERREIRA NETO, João Batista; LANDGRAF, Fernando José Gomes; ETT, Gerhard; SANTOS, Célia Aparecida Lino dos; SILVA, André Luiz Nunis da; SILVEIRA, João Ricardo Filipini da; VIEIRA, Fabiana Yamasaki Martins; LUZ, Maciel Santos. Didymium obtainment from rare earth oxides produced in Araxá, Brazil. In: INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON RARE-EARTH AND FUTURE, 24., 2016, Munique – Alemanha. Proceedings… 7 p.

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