Visão geral dos inibidores bifuncionais a base de terras raras e suas aplicações

Rare earth elements are used traditionally in the manufacture of polishing materials, permanent magnets, polishing materials, catalysts for oil cracking, automobile catalytic converters, magnesium alloys, among others. Since 2002, studies involving corrosion inhibitors based on rare earths have been published and the concept of bi-functional corrosion inhibitor has been growing as they are environmentally friendly compounds and free from Cr6+/Cr3+ ions. This work presents a brief literature review on the main rare-earth based functional inhibitors, such as salicylate, cinnamate and cerium dibutilphosphate. Organophosphorus compounds are more efficient for aluminum alloy protection while the compounds derived from carboxylic acids are more efficient for carbon steel protection. In addition to discuss rare-earth inhibitor applications, this paper explains the non-efficiency of cerium dibutilphosphate on carbon steel protection, not disclosed and not cleared up by the literature.

SANTOS, Célia Aparecida Lino dos; VIEIRA, Fabiana Yamasaki Martins; CAMARGO, Rafael Augusto; PANOSSIAN, Zehbour. Visão geral dos inibidores bifuncionais a base de terras raras e suas aplicações. In: CONGRESSO INTERNACIONAL DE CORROSÃO, INTERCORR, 2016, Fortaleza. Proceedings… Rio de Janeiro: ABRACO, 2016. 16 p.

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