Metallurgical route to produce solar grade silicone


Aiming at the development of a metallurgical route to produce solar grade silicon, a project was conducted at IPT to investigate the purification of metallurgical-grade silicon. Injection of gases on melted silicon was used for boron removal and vacuum treatment for phosphorous removal. Additionally, controlled directional solidification was performed in order to remove metallic elements (Fe, Al, Mn, Mg, etc.) and carbon. The results showed good reproducibility among many different trials of each treatment. By running all these treatments sequentially it was possible to produce a material with final purity higher than 99.9998% which shows that this refined silicon has potential to be used for photovoltaic applications.

RIBEIRO, Tiago Ramos; LIMA, Moysés Leite de; FERREIRA NETO, João Batista; NEIRA, John Bernardo Vilca; LOTTO, André Alexandrino. Metallurgical route to produce solar grade silicone. In: SILICON FOR THE CHEMICAL AND SOLAR INDUSTRY, 13., 2016, Krostiansand, Norway. Proceedings… 12 p.

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