Coupled experimental-numerical analysis of wear in hot-rolling rolls

he prediction of wear profile in the wear profile I the surface of hot rolling rolls is not an easy task, since the local hardness, the temperature and the rolling pressures are not constant with time and along the contact arc for both the roll and the strip. Thus, as direct estimation is not practical, indirect alternatives must be taken into account, one of which being numerical simulation supported and validated by experimental work. In the present work, finite-element models were developed to replicate the actual operational conditions of the hot plate rolling in a pilot scale reversible single stand mill. The mill was instrumented with load cells in the stand and thermocouples in the rolls, allowing comparison of roll temperatures ad rolling loads obtained by modelling and experiments. In addition, an incremental wear model based on the Archard equation was included in the simulations, allowing the calculation of local wear in different regions of the contact arc, for the whole surface of the roll and the whole rolling campaign. Comparison between measured and calculated wear values allowed studying the ability of the numerical model in reproducing the experimental results, as well as studying the relative effect of the different wear modes (abrasion and thermal fatigue) as a functions of times.

LIMA, Luiz Gustavo Bianchi da Silva; GONÇALVES, Alexandre; BRAGA, Ana Paola Villalva; BOCCALINI JÚNIOR, Mario; SOUZA, Roberto Martins de. Coupled experimental-numerical analysis of wear in hot-rolling rolls. In: INTERNATIONAL TOOLING CONFERENCE, 10., 2016, Bratislava, Eslováquia. Proceedings… 13 p. 

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