Evaluation of mechanical and corrosion properties of friction stri-welded AA6005-T6


The vast majority of advanced industrialized products are formed from the joining of individual components. However, when the joining must be permanent, welding is one of the most used processes. Among the welding processes, the Friction Stir Welding (FSW) process stands out in this category specially for producing joints with extremely high mechanical resistance and low distortions leading to modern automotive and aerospace applications. This study aimed to evaluate the mechanical and corrosion properties of FSW welded profiles of Aluminum AA6005 alloy as a function of the welding parameters. For this purpose, tensile and microhardness tests were performed, followed by a detailed microstructural analysis. The results showed that the high rotational speed provided tunnel-type defects which impair the mechanical properties, leading to a loss of efficiency. The corrosion properties results showed that the different welding conditions do not significantly affect corrosion characteristics but the changes observed are related to the dispersion of the precipitates in the Al matrix.

CONTIERI, Rodrigo José; FLORIANO, Ricardo; BATALHA, Mario Henrique Fernandes; CARUCHIO, André Ferrara; MAY, José Eduardo; CREMASCO, Alessandra. Evaluation of mechanical and corrosion properties of friction stri-welded AA6005-T6. Materials Research, v.25, p.1-10, c20210372, 2022.

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