Experience in the use of toilet and towel paper classification standards in Brazil


This work presents the background of the need of standards for toilet and tissue paper classification in Brazil and the difficulties to solve conflicts of interest. The chosen parameters for the toilet paper classification are: brightness dry tensile strength, softness, wet tensile strength, dirt and holes count, water absorption time and water absorption capacity. The values definition for the chosen parameters was supported by laboratory analysis of the tissues paper, acquired in the Brazilian market, and by the statistical treatment of the results. The classification is made by weighting. These standards generated a positive impact and they are used in public and private procurements. However, the observation of the application of these standards throughout the last 12 months shows the need for more frequent reviews than the usual 5 years period, mainly due to the market dynamics and the improvement of the quality control of the manufacture process of tissue papers, partly stimulated by the development and use of these classification standards. In addition, the authors conclude that a change in the weighing method of classification must be made and suggest a classification method by groups.


YASUMURA SASAKI, Patrícia Kaji; D’ÁLMEIDA, Maria Luiza Otero; TAKAHASHI, Regina Coeli Testa. Experiência no uso das normas de classificação de papéis higiênicos e toalha no Brasil. In: ENCONTRO NACIONAL DE TECNICELPA, 21., CONGRESSO IBEROAMERICANO DE INVESTIGAÇÃO EM CELULOSE E PAPEL – CIADICYP, 6., 2010, Lisboa. Proceedings… 8p.

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