Effect of plastic deformation on the excess loss of electrical steel


This work evaluates the effect of plastic deformation on the excess loss in non-oriented electrical steel strips. The starting material was taken from a single coil of annealed steel. Strips were extracted and cold rolled in order to produce sample with true strain ranging from 2% to 29%. X-ray diffraction was used to estimate the dislocation density. The analysis of magnetic properties was performed by Barkhausen noise measurements and also by analyzing the hysteresis loops obtained from Epstein frame measurements for different inductions and frequencies. These results allowed us to observe that the due to plastic strain the excess loss decreases to become negligible. This behavior can be explained if it is assumed that the plastic deformation lead to an increase in the number of domain walls per unit volume, thereby decreasing the excess loss. Barkhausen peak area increases with plastic.

RODRIGUES JR., D.L.; SILVEIRA, J.R.F.; GERHARDT, G.J.L.; MISSELL, F.P.; LANDGRAF, F.J.G.; MACHADO, R.; CAMPOS, M.F.de. Efeito da deformação plástico sobre as perdas de excesso em aços elétricos de grão não orientado. In: ABM INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS, 67., 2012, Rio de Janeiro. Proceedings..
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