Durbility of concrete structures in marine environment: case study


The durability of concrete structures depends on meeting a series of requirements, design, implementation and maintenance. However, this service is not an easy task. For example, eficência maintenance that should be performed periodically depends on the correct selection and implementation of conservation and restoration techniques. In this paper, we present the consequences of inefficient maintenance of concrete structures of two piers exposed to a marine environment. One of the piers was newly built (New Pier), while the other had been constuído for over 40 years (Old Pier). In both piers, pathological manifestations were observed, some of them being investigated in both field testing and laboratory. In the Old Pier, both in concrete and in the original recovered, related abnormalities were observed corrosion, a process confirmed by the results of measurements of open circuit potential, the values ​​of corrosion rates determined in the field and the high teroes chloride found in concrete by the armature. In New Pier, constructive failures were observed, where there was a beginning of chloride penetration into the concrete cover thickness.

PANOSSIAN, Z.; ARAUJO.A. Durabilidade de estruturas de concreto em ambiente marinho: estudo de caso de dois píeres. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE CORROSÃO, INTERCORR, 30., 2010, Fortaleza. Anais… Rio de Janeiro: ABRACO, 2010.

Access to the article presented at the event on the ABRACO website:

This work was presented at the event INTERCORR ‘2010 to get the full contact ABRACO – Associação Brasileira de Corrosão in email: biblioteca@abraco.org.br

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