Challenges to the use of RFID in wood crossties


This paper presents the challenges to the use of RFID in Brazilian wood crossties considering factors related to mechanical, physical, drying properties, aspects of anisotropy and hygroscopicity. The challenges to using RFID in this material consider dielectric loading, encapsulation for resisting the natural efforts within wood, and design for automation

SANTOS, Alessandro Santiago dos; PUHLMANN, Henrique Frank Werner; AVANÇO, Leandro; MIRANDA, Maria José de Andrade Casimiro; PEREIRA, Matheus Jacon; NODA, Mauro Kendi; BRAZOLIN, Sérgio; YOJO, Takashi; MANCINI, Victor Ansarah; CUGNASCA, Carlos E.; PINTO, José K.C.; MARTINNELLI JR., Veltan E.; SANTOS, Antonio C. Chanllenges to the use of RFID in wood crossties. In: IEEE RFID BRASIL 2014. Proceedings…

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