Metodologia de verificação e governança do ecossistema de controle de eclusagem


In order to navigate in Brazilian waterways, locking ecosystem transposes areas with different levels, and the process takes place automatically or manually. This ecosystem controls the opening and closing of floodgates, including protection, supervisory and safety systems that support the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure. Nowadays, new technologies allow remote operation, which promotes greater concern with safety and total control over the entire ecosystem. This article presents a methodology for technological verification, over quality and efficiency perspectives, as well as proposes a governance model to be applied. The actual application in Locks of the Tietê-Paraná Waterway indicated good results and adherence. Besides, the results evidenced goods perspectives for the implementation of future supervisory systems as support of regulatory agencies.

SANTOS, Alessandro Santiago dos; AVANÇO, Leandro; NODA, Mauro Kendi ; PEREIRA, Matheus Jacon; GONÇALVES, Roberto. Metodologia de verificação e governança do ecossistema de controle de eclusagem. In: CONGRESSO DE PESQUISA E ENSINO EM TRANSPORTE DA ANPET, 32., 2018, Gramado. Anais…

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