Effect of cold storage on properties of liner made from blend of recycled and virgin fibres


This paper aimed a study of the behaviour of strength properties of different paper samples during the cold storage. A recycled pulp was prepared by using a blend of paper bags and corrugated cardboard boxes, and different proportions of virgin unbleached pine and eucalyptus fibres obtained by chemical process were added into this recycled pulp. Handsheets were formed in laboratory with these pulps, which were subjected to a cold storage consisted of an exposure in a climatic chamber at (6 ± 1) °C and (90 ± 2) % relative humidity for different times and were tested for their strength properties. The data obtained were treated by multiple regression using the method of least squares, considering the exposure time and the percentage of virgin fibres added into the recycled pulp as independent variables. It was observed an increase in tensile, bursting and compressive (short-span) strengths when virgin fibres are added in proportions of up to 40 %, however, there were sharp drops in the strength properties of the handsheets by up to 70 % in the first hours of exposure to cold treatment. The proposed mathematical model pointed out that only the variable “time of exposure” influences the values of the strength properties.

FIORITTI, Renato Rodrigues; GÓMEZ, Nuria; REVILLA, Esteban; VILLAR, Juan Carlos; D’ALMEIDA, Maria Luiza Otero. Effect of cold storage on properties of liner made from blend of recycled and virgin fibres. In: TECNICELPA, 15.; INTERNATIONAL FOREST, PULP AND PAPER CONFERENCE, 11., 2021, Coimbra. On-line. Proceedings on-line… 8p.

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