Calibration report 4.0: a new format for a new industry


In this paper we present a proposal for a new delivery format for calibration results. Currently, industrial sectors are undergoing transformations that will change the way they produce, based on production lines where their components will present a high degree of autonomy and interconnection. In this scenario, the current delivery format of the calibration results of these components, which are essential data for the maintenance and quality control of final products, is clearly outdated and needs to adapt to this new reality. We have developed a digital platform that aims to initiate this adaptation, going beyond the delivery of digitalized documents, providing the results in the form of digital data, which can be manipulated through digital interfaces or directly by other software, allowing to create a data flow directly from the laboratory which performs the calibration for the control systems of the new production plants, with the minimum of human intervention and exploiting to the maximum the use of digital technologies.

NAZARRE, Diego Joriro; MARTINS, Artur Augusto. Certificado de calibração 4.0: um novo formato para uma nova indústria. In: CONGRESSO INTERNACIONAL DE METROLOGIA ELÉTRICO – SEMETRO, 13., 2019, Florianópolis. Anais… 8 p.

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