Effect of the silicon content in hysteresis loss of non-oriented steels


Two non-oriented steels with 2.45 and 3.3 %Si with 7 samples for each alloy and same thickness were studied to understand the effect of the silicon content in the hysteresis losses. The samples were annealed with different final annealing temperatures getting different grain sizes. Hysteresis loss and B50 were measured. The results of B50 showed no variation in texture between the alloys with different %SI. Finally, the results show no variation of the energy dissipated by hysteresis loss with variation of %Si.

ALMEIDA, Adriano Alex de; MARTIN, Ramon Valls; LANDGRAF, Fernando José Gomes. Efeito do teor de silício nas perdas histeréticas dos aços de grã não orientado. In: CONGRESSO ANUAL DA ABM, INTERNACIONAL, 69., 2014, jul., São Paulo. Anais eletrônicos… São Paulo: ABM, 2014.

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