Quality of thermla papers


Thermal paper has coloring substances sensible to heat in their coating. The use of thermal papers is increasing, mainly due to its low cost and easy printing. For some thermal papers, such as the ones that will be used in point of sale system (POS) and in automated teller machine (ATM), the control of the paper and printing quality is of utmost importance, especially when the printing must last for a long period. Brazil has a specific legislation for thermal papers used in POS. This study shows the results of the analysis of four thermal papers, from Brazilian market, intended for tax receipts and discusses thermal papers quality control parameters

FERREIRA, Daniela Colevati; SHIMO, Denise Kiyoko; D’ÁLMEIDA, Maria Luiza Otero. Qualidade de papéis térmicos. In: ABTCP INTERNATIONAL PULP AND PAPER CONGRESS, 47., 2014, São Paulo. Proceedings… São Paulo ABTCP, 2014. 8p.

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