Kinetics analysis of steam reforming of methane os sponge iron


The kinetics of steam reforming of methane catalyzed by sponge iron was studied at temperatures between 875°C and 1 050°C. Results shows that sponge iron acts as a catalyst and methane conversion is increased in higher temperatures and with a higher H2/H2O ratio in the inlet gas. A kinetic model based on chemical reaction control fits well the experimental data up to methane conversion of 0.5 with an apparent activation energy of 258 kJ/mol. Pore diffusion limits the reaction rate more intensely at higher conversions of methane, higher temperatures, and larger particle size (from 9 to 17 mm). Two types of industrial pellets were compared showing that microstructural properties such as porosity, pore size, and grain size impact reduction rate with hydrogen and the catalytic property of the obtained sponge iron.

RIBEIRO, Tiago Ramos( 8842); FERREIRA NETO, João Batista; POÇO, João Guilherme Rocha; TAKANO, Cyri; KOLBEINSEN, Leiv; RINGDALEN, Eli. Kinetics analysis of steam reforming of methane os sponge iron. ISIJ International, v.62, n.3, p.504-514, 2022.

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