Turbine flowmeter and viscosity effects of liquid hydrocarbons


The article presents the results of tests carried out in turbine meters to investigate the effects of different viscosities in the curves, and to explore mathematical ways to express the low flow rate part of the curves in order to use them as a functional part of the flow meter curve, with some loss of uncertainty, but even so useful in a number of cases. The turbine meters have diameters of 25 mm, 40 mm and 50 mm, and the tests were carried out with three different viscosities of fluids (7cSt, 17cSt and 34cSt). The results have shown that two of the mathematical curves used to adjust data gave results that were good enough to improve dramatically the range of operation of the tested turbines, without losing quality. The 25 mm may have a rage of operation of 1:1200 (uncertainty degrading to 0,8% to 0,9%), the 40 mm a range of 1:340 (0,2% to 0,3%) and the 50 mm a range of 1:150 (0,6% to 1,1%).This approach may open possibilities to simplify the use of multiple viscosities operations with the same calibration curve in a large range of flow rate.


RUIZ, Valmir; PEREIRA, Marcos Tadeu; TAIRA, Nilson Massami.Turbine flowmeter and viscosity effects of liquid hydrocarbons. In: INTERNATIONAL FLOW MEASUREMENT CONFERENCE, 16., 2013, Paris. Proceedings… (FLOMEKO, 2013). 5 p.

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