Reciclabilidad de papeles de oficina comerciales : respuesta a dos reciclos


Recyclability is the ability of a material to reacquire the same properties it had originally. Knowledge of the recyclability of commercial paper is a tool for companies, when making decisions on expansions or process modifications. The aim of this work was to verify the recyclability of four printing and writing papers, from their physical, mechanical, and optical properties after two recycles. Four bond commercial papers were studied, including 3 eucalyptus kraft from Argentina and Brazil (A,B, C) and a soda-AQ of sugar cane bagasse (D), with different bleaching processes. The papers were repulped and refine using 2 levels of energy at 2 different intensities (1st recycle). Laboratory sheets were produced, and they were repulped and refined again (2nd recycle). The behavior of the 2nd recycle pulps and the results of the 1st and 2nd recycle were statistically compared to verify the recyclability of the original papers. It was show that the recyclability, represented by the evolution of the properties of the repulped papers, is different in all cases, although it shows a greater similarity among the papers made of eucalyptus kraft pulps than between them and the paper made of pulp soda-AQ of bagasse. This means that the application of fine adjustments in the pulping and bleaching processes may produce substantial differences in the recyclability of the final papers. The bagasse paper required less refining energy to reach its highest level of properties, but they were always poorer than those of the other papers and decreased markedly with recycles. As a general rule, the use of mild conditions in the first recycle (refining at 30ºSR with low intensity), allows to achive a 2nd recycle without significant loss of properties.

BENITEZ, J.B.; D’ÁLMEIDA, Maria Luiza Otero; FELISSIA, F.E.; PARK, Song Won ; KOGA, Mariza Eiko Tsukuda. Reciclabilidad de papeles de oficina comerciales : respuesta a dos reciclos. In: INTERNATIONAL PULP AND PAPER CONGRESS, 45.; IBEROAMERICAN CONGRESS ON PULP AND PAPER RESEARCH, 7., 2012, São Paulo. Proceedings… São Paulo: ABTCP; RIADICYP, 2012. 10 p.

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