Fungo em papéis para imprimir e escrever


Tropical countries, as Brazil has conditions of temperature and humidity favorable to the development of fungus, being paper one of its preferential substratum. The fungus can cause spots on paper and degrade its cellulose fibers, compromising documents permanence. Both, acid and alkaline paper can be attacked by fungus. The objective of this study was an exploratory research of the chemical nature of the spots caused by the Cladosporium sp fungus, which is the one more frequently found in paper.

D’ALMEIDA, Maria Luiza Otero ; MONTEIRO, Maria Beatriz Bacellar; BARBOSA, Patrícia de Souza Medeiros. Fungo em papéis para imprimir e escrever. In: CONGRESO IBEROAMERICANO DE INVESTIGACIÓN EN CELULOSE Y PAPEL, 4., 2006, Santiago e Valdivia. Memorias…. Santiago: Universidad de Chile, Universidad Austral de Chile, 2006. v. 1 CD. p. 1-7.

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