Modelling the control of the motor for a experiment to measure the gravity speed


Brushless DC motors (BLDCM) are recognized for their high efficiency and low maintenance cost and are continuously subject to change in applications without motion control. The BLDCM can be used as an option to traditional switched reluctance motors. For the control of the speed of permanent magnet motors the more common is an integral proportional control (PI). The PI drivers are widely used because of a simple, easy-to-implement control structure, but they are presented as control complexities, such as non-linearity, parametric load perturbations and protection. The use of this method of pulse control (PWM) using a SIMULINK / MATLAB simulation to obtain the values necessary to control the speed of the brushless motor used in the gravitational wave calibrator prototype. SIMULINK / MATLAB is used to become a reliable and flexible simulation. The command will be used for precision accuracy of a ten thousand version of the calibrator.

FABRÍCIO JR., Carlos Alberto; FRAJUCA, C. SILVA, D. M. da; BORTOLI, F. S.; SANCHEZ, E. Modelling the control of the motor for a experiment to measure the gravity speed. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MATHEMATICAL MODELING IN PHYSICAL SCIENCES, 8th., Bratislava, Slovakia, 2019. Paper… 5 p. 

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