A proposed blockchain-based voting system with user authentication through biometrics


Transparency and security in an electoral process are fundamental to the legitimacy of the results and the confidence of voters. Thus, it is necessary to assess opportunities to improve traditional voting systems. Among the main problems is the lack of transparency, due to the impossibility of a voter checking their vote and the lack of access to the source from which the results are obtained. Another problem is mobility, due to the impossibility of performing remote voting, as traditional voting systems continue to require the physical presence of the voter in an electoral zone. Thus, the objective of this work is to propose a voting system that is functional, transparent, safe, and accessible to everyone. Voters can vote through a mobile application with biometric authentication using fingerprint and password access. In our proposal, votes are registered in an Ethereum Blockchain through a Smart Contract, allowing the voter to check their vote. The results are expected to collaborate with the evolution of studies necessary to improve traditional voting systems, especially in fundamental aspects such as security, transparency, and mobility.

SILVA, Marcelo Moro da; SILVA, Anderson Aparecida Alves; FERRAZ JUNIOR, Norisvaldo; UEDA, Eduardo Takeo; PEREIRA, Fabio Dacênio; SANTOS, Alessandro Santiago dos; GUELFI; Adilson Eduardo; KOFUJI, Sergio Takeo. A proposed blockchain-based voting system with user authentication through biometrics. Enigma, Journal of Information Security and Cryptography, v.8, n.1, 11 p., 2021.

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