Elucidating galvanized and dual-coated rebar potentials in concrete


Monitoring the open circuit potential of reinforcement is used to identify a corrosion occurrence in concrete. For carbon steel (CS) rebars, The ASTM C876 standard provides the correlation between the potentials measured and the steel rebar condition. To suggest a classification for galvanized steel and dual-coated (zinc/ epoxy) rebars, the potentials of zinc and steel were measured considering various area ratios in simulated pore solutions. The results indicated the CS corrosion in zinc/CS couples cannot be predicted using a criterion similar to ASTM C876.

CARDOSO, Juliana Lopes; PACHECO, Mayara Stecanella; ALVES, Rafael Ribeiro Urano; PANOSSIAN, Zehbour. Elucidating galvanized and dual-coated rebar potentials in concrete. Materials Performance, v.50, n.32, p.2-6, Mar., 2020.

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