Use of “Beamforming” as a tool to assist the development of acoustic products


The acoustic sealing elements, such as doors, windows and partitions, must offer adequate sound insulation to ensure acoustic comfort for the users of the environments. Sound insulation failures can cause the acoustic performance of environments to drop significantly. These failures can be due to the low quality of the elements chosen for the project, errors in the installation of the elements or construction details that, if optimized, would guarantee better quality to the elements and consequently better acoustic performance of the environments. This work shows how the use of beamforming in the laboratory can assist in the detection of failures in the sound insulation in sealing elements, providing subsidies for the optimization of the elements, improving the acoustic quality of the products.

AQUILINO, Marcelo de Mello; IKEDA, Cristina Yukari Kawakita. Use of “Beamforming” as a tool to assist the development of acoustic products. In: CONGRESS INTERNOISE, 2020, Suel, Coreia do Sul. Proceedings online… 5 p.

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