Building a business plan in a public research institute: lessons for the future


This paper analyzes the design of planning process for 2013 in the Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas of São Paulo state. The research objective is to discuss the challenges and benefits of the planning process in a public research institute. The research method applied in this work was literature research, with action research to problem-solving. The methodology of data collection used was the participant observation. To complement the literature research and participant observation, additional internal documents were also consulted. The main results of this research refer to design, creation and diffusion of the business planning process and tools presented in this paper. Conclusions showed what, if the planning process is conducted with a market-based view, is more likely to result in a action plan to be supported by the Board and Executive Directors. To reach this objective, it is necessary that all spheres of the Institute are involved in order to reach a successful planning process, with focus in a trust relationship among all parties involved.

GONÇALVES, Leandro Rodrigues; GUIMARÃES, Yuri Basile Tukoff; MORIOKA, Sandra Naomi. Building a business plan in a public research institute: lessons for the future. In: SIMPÓSIO INTERNACIONAL DE GESTÃO DE PROJETOS, 3.; SIMPÓSIO INTERNACIONAL DE INOVAÇÃO E SUSTENTABILIDADE, 2., 2014, São Paulo. Anais… 16 p.

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