Behaviroural variables analysis in mobile environments


Due to the recent proliferation of mobile applications, it has become essential to obtain a better understanding of how people use their devices and applications. However, it is not always possible to reproduce the chaotic environment where the interactions between users and applications take place. Based on this fact, the present study presents a mechanism for the collection and connection of variables of interaction (touches, navigation between screens, etc.) and variables of mobility (sensor data, such as GPS), by the means of an experiment performed in the application made available at application stores and used by real users, performing daily tasks. With the analysis of the data collected it is expected to understand user behavior during interaction and determine usage patterns associating the variables of mobility with the variables of interaction that provide new ideas for interface projects.

MARCZAL, Denise; AUINO JUNIOR, Plinio Thomaz. Behaviroural variables analysis in mobile environments. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION, 17., 2015, Los Angels. Proceedings… (Design, User Experience, and Usability: Users and Interactions Volume 9187 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 118-130ASHRAE, 2015). 12 p.

Access to the Abstract of the article on the Springer website:

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