Survey of performance for as Otto engine due to the composition of commercial fuels and the occurrence of detonation

NOVAES, Lucas Motta de; HAYASHIDA, Paulo Alexandre Pizará; JUSTO FILHO, João Francisco; LAGANA, Armando Antonio Maria; NAUFAL, Marco Isola; SILVA, Marcos Henrique Carvalho; SANTOS, Jorge Luis Dias dos. Survey of performance for an Otto engine due to the composition of comercial fuels and the occurrence of detonation. In: SAE BRASIL INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS AND EXHIBITAT, 27., 2018, São Paulo. Proceedings… 12 p.(SAE Technical Paper Series 2018-36-0230P)

Access the PDF document, log into BiblioInfo at the Library/DAIT-IPT. Document protected with a password, request at the Library Service-DAIT/IPT:

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