Environmentally safe corrosion inhibitors for waterborne paints


Solved-based paints are suffering several restrictions on account of the growing tendency of reducing the emission of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. Of the alternatives now being developed, anticorrosive waterbone paints are among the most studied. These paints greatly eliminate organic solvent emissions.
Besides the volatile organic compounds, corrosion inhibitor used in paints usually contain chemical compounds that are hazardous both to human beings and to the environment. Great efforts are being undertaken to substitute these inhibitor by non-toxic components.
In this study, phosphinate corrosion inhibitors were developed. These inhibitors were used in emulsified acrylic resin-based paints, thus eliminating both organic emission and the inhibitors’ toxicity.
This paper presents the results of paint characterization tests as well as acceledated laboratory and non-accelerated field corrosion tests. Similar tests were conducted with some traditional solvent-based paints. The results are discussed comparing the performance of waterbone paints with and without non-toxic inhibitors.

PANOSSIAN, Z.; ALMEIDA, N.L; ARENA, D.B; SANTOS, A.O; Environmentally safe corrosion inhibitors for waterborne paints. In: INTERNATIONAL CORROSION CONGRESS,15., 2002, Granada. Proceedigns… Granada, Espanha: ICC International Corrosion Council, 2002. (CD-ROM)  (IPT Publicação, 2826)

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