Evauation of the durability of concrete structures in tropical marine tropical


The durability of concrete structures is largely dependent on its maintenance. Its performance in terms of durability, is assessed from a visual inspection associated with field trials and laboratory and, with the data obtained, it is possible to estimate the useful life of the structures. Thus, the definition of recovery techniques and protection most appropriate and best value for your maintenance is facilitated. In this paper, we present the results of the evaluation of the concrete structures of two piers, a newly built (New Pier) and other existing for over forty years (Old Pier), both located on the Brazilian coast. The study consisted of visual inspection of the piers, the implementation of assays for quantification of chloride ions present in the concrete, the electrochemical measurements and the estimated useful life. From the initial visual inspection, it was found the degradation of both piers: Pier in New pathologies were related to failures and constructive, the Old Pier, the establishment of the corrosion process. This process was confirmed by the results of both levels of chloride ions (the upper limit), and by electrochemical measurements. With these data, we estimated the useful lives of major elements, pre-selected, the structures of both Piers, and the Old Pier in life was exhausted as to its serviceability limit state.

ARAUJO, A. de; ANGULO, S.C.; PANOSSIAN, Z.; REPETTE, L.Wellingtom; CASTRO, L.C.; QUARCIONI, V.A. Avaliação da durabilidade de estruturas de concreto em ambiente marinho tropical. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DO CONCRETO, 50., 2010, Fortaleza. Anais…

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