Revestimentos orgânicos para proteção anticorrosiva de estações certificadas pela ISO14000


Several anticorrosive paints made in Brazil still contain great amounts of VOC inhibitors or anticorrosive pigments harmful to the human being and to the environment. To reduce the damage to the environment, Low-VOC and No-VOC coatings have been developed. These kinds of paints allow applying greater thicknesses per coat and this reduces the application time and consequently the emission of VOC in the atmosphere. Moreover, many of these coatings do not contain toxic-metals. In Brazil, although there are still no laws to control the concentration of solvent and toxic-metals, high solids and solvent free anticorrosive paints
have been developed. Looking for environmentally friendly alternatives, the Company of Transmission of Electric Energy of Sao Paulo – CTEEP and IPT developed a study according to the Aneel P&D program with different coatings for corrosion protection of metallic materials used on transmission lines and in electric plants certified by ISO 14000. The aim was to get enough information to produce specifications of products to be applied on galvanized steel. Characterization tests and evaluation performance were carried out such as:
accelerated and nonaccelerated tests, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) and toxic evaluation. The coatings were applied over new and aging galvanized steel. Blistering and no oxidation were verified in the out-door tests, in all coatings. In the accelerated corrosion tests, some blisters occurred, especially in the salt spray and the saturated humidity test. In the EIS, all coatings presented high impedance in low frequency (100 MΩ.cm2 ) after 1400 h of immersion in NaCl 3%, indicating a good barrier.


ALMEIDA, N.L; AFONSO M.T; SIQUEIRA F.J.;MORI ,M.K Revestimentos orgânicos para proteção anticorrosiva de estações certificadas pela ISO14000.In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE CORROSÃO, INTERCORR 28., 2008, Recife. Anais…

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