Busca de substitutos para o cádmio: ensaio de exposição natural


This paper presents the results of a study being conducted in order to find alternatives to cadmium coating. To do so, several tests have been developed, among which are natural exposure to spray brine, associated natural exposure to temperature and spray saline and natural exposure and application of torque and spray saline. The tests were conducted with body-of-proof in the form of plates (10 x 15) cm2 and in the form of joint screw / nut. Aiming to evaluate the ability of coatings to provide cathodic protection to the substrate, in the regions of discontinuity of the coating, incisions were made in two of the three assay plates. In order to speed up the process, the bodies of the test piece (plate assemblies and screw / nut) are sprayed twice a week with saline (3% sodium chloride). As a result partial have: the exposure test associated with natural saline spray, coatings that showed the best performance against corrosion were, in order of decreasing performance: DA, EG, ZC, ZF and ZFC; in assay natural exposure to heating associated with spray saline, the coating NCB showed the worst performance, the sets screw / nut ZN coated with corrosion of the substrate from corrosion had started before the coating and joint screw / nut coated with the alloy ZFC corrosion of the coating was the first to be checked; exposure test in natural associated with spray application of torque saline, the results obtained enable to verify that, in general, only the CB coatings, ZFC and ZN presented in one of measurements taken, torque values ​​equal to or above the amount invested.

PANOSSIAN, Z ; MOREIRA A.R.; RODRIGUES, L.M; PIMENTA, G.S; BERRY, N.G. Busca de substitutos para o cádmio: ensaio de exposição natural. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE CORROSÃO, INTERCORR , 28., 2008, Recife . Anais…

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