Metallic coating corrosion resistance in ethanol fuel


The results of immersion tests in fuel ethanol performed using several types of metallic and inorganic coatings are presented. The following coatings applied on carbon steel were tested: aluminum; chromatized cadmium; lead; hard chromium; Dacromet® (a special zinc coating); phosphate coating, nickel; zinc; chromatized zinc. Anodized aluminum was also studied. Among the tested coatings, the hard chromium and the nickel coatings presented the best performance. The Dacromet® coating and the anodized aluminum also presented satisfactory performance. The zinc, lead and the phosphate coatings did not present a good performance.


WOLYNEC, S; KAJIMOTO, Z. P. Estudo da resistência à corrosão de revestimentos metálicos em álcool carburante. In: ENCONTRO DOS CENTROS DE APOIO TECNOLÓGICOS, 10., 1982, Brasília. Anais… p. 231-254. (IPT Publicação 1532)

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