Study of mortars with silica fume and nanosilica incorporation


Due to environmental and financial reasons, durability is one of the fundamental features of concrete structures. It is possible to guarantee it by avoiding excess moisture inside them, since water plays an important role in concrete degradation processes. The permeability reduction can be obtained by some parameters, among them the use of mineral additions, which act as modifiers of the cement matrix basically due filler and pozzolanic effects, and chemicals additives that allow the reduction of the water / binder ratio. Therefore the present article aimed to evaluate the influence of the silica fume and nanosilica additions on the mortars’ mechanical properties and durability parameters, by means of compression tests and water absorption by capillarity. The results show that the nanosilica and silica fume conjunct use leads to better mortars’ mechanical and physical behavior.

SCHMALZ, Rosana; FERREIRA, Fernanda Giannotti da Silva; QUARCIONI, Valdecir Angelo. Estudo de argamassas com incorporação de sílica ativa e nanosílica. Revista Técnico-Científica do CREA-PR, Ed. Especial, p.1-15, set., 2017.

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