Study of atmospheric corrosion of metals in São Paulo State


Results of six year atmospheric corrosion tests at rural and industrial sites in São Paulo State are presented. Structural steels, which have weathering steel properties, are less proner to corrode than carbon steel in industrial urban areas. Zinc, brass and galvanized steel are less corroded than carbon steel, but are more corroded than aluminum and austenitic stainless steel in both environments. The latter is not corroded at all in these environments.

DI GIORGI, Francisco; KAJIMOTO, Zehbour Panossian.; CHAVES. Risomá; WOLYNEC, Stephan. Estudos de corrosão atmosférica de metais no Estado de São Paulo. In: SEMINÁRIO NACIONAL DE CORROSÃO, 14., 1987, São Paulo. Anais… Rio de Janeiro: ABRACO, 1987. v. 1, p. 95-109. São Paulo: IPT, 1992. (IPT Pub. 1953)

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